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Who We Are

Our volunteers teach researchers basic software skills as well as working on projects of their own.

What We Do

We run workshops all over the world, provide open access teaching materials, and run an instructor training program.

Translating Software Carpentry into Korean

By Greg Wilson / 2014-11-25

This is pretty amazing: a group has translated the core Software Carpentry lessons into Korean:

  1. Introduction:
  2. The Unix Shell:
  3. Version Control with Git:
  4. Programming with Python:
  5. Programming with R:
  6. Using Databases and SQL:
  7. Extras:

It's a remarkable and encouraging achievement—congratulations and thanks to the team that did the work:

  • Victor KC Lee (이광춘): Translation Lead
  • Jungsu Han (한정수): Translator
  • Chungyeong Moon (문춘경): Illustrator
  • Ri Jeong Kim (김이정): Graphic Designer
  • Hwan Beom Kang (강환범): Support

We still need to figure out how to manage this: Gabriel Devenyi's post outlined our options, but someone will need to take the lead to set something up so that versions in various languages can stay in sync. more

Congratulations to Data Carpentry

By Greg Wilson / 2014-11-24

In case you missed the announcement last week, our sibling organization Data Carpentry has received funding from the Moore Foundation to support its activities and growth, and Dr. Tracy Teal (a long-time contributor to Software Carpentry, and one of the founders of Data Carpentry) has accepted a position as Data Carpentry's project lead. We're very excited by both developments, and are looking forward to continuing to work with them. more

Announcing WiSE Krakow!

By Aleksandra Pawlik / 2014-11-23

After running several Software Carpentry workshops for women in science and engineering in North America, we are moving east: on 6th and 7th December we will run a WiSE workshop in Krakow, Poland.

Like previous WiSE workshops, this one is open to women at all stages of their research careers, from graduate students, post-docs, and faculty to staff scientists at hospitals and in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The instructors at the workshop will be Paulina Lach of Krakow's University of Science and Technology AGH and Aleksandra Pawlik, the Software Sustainability Institute's Training Leader. The helpers are Agnieszka Celińska (Pedagogical University of Krakow), Iwona Grelowska (University of Science and Technology AGH), Patrycja Radaczyńska (Creativestyle), and Anna Ślimak (Lunar Logic). more

Instructor Training Stats

By Greg Wilson / 2014-11-22

The Software Carpentry Foundation's board asked me for some stats on instructor training, and I thought other people would find them interesting as well: more

Adding a Projects Page

By Greg Wilson / 2014-11-20

It's long overdue, but we've finally started a page to showcase the projects that our instructors are involved in. If you'd like to add one, please send us a pull request or mail us for instructions.

(Turns out, we do pretty cool stuff...) more

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