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Who We Are

Our volunteers teach basic software skills to researchers in science, engineering, and medicine. Founded in 1998, we are now part of the Mozilla Science Lab.

What We Do

We run workshops all over the world, and provide open access lessons for self-paced instruction. We also run a training program for people who'd like to help us teach.

How To Help

We depend on people like you to discuss what and how to teach, host a workshop, create new teaching materials, or improve the tools we use.

Splitting the Repository

By Greg Wilson / 2014-09-29

United Airlines messed up my travel again last weekend, so I finally had a chance to think some more about how Software Carpentry works and how we can make it work better. Having topic maintainers is one improvement; another, which was discussed at this month's lab meeting, is to break the bc repository that holds our lessons and workshop home pages into smaller and more manageable pieces. more

UCOSP as a Model

By Greg Wilson / 2014-09-28

Software Carpentry's two-day workshops are just one of many ways to teach people practical skills. Term-long group projects are another model that I'm very fond of, and earlier this year, the four people who've been running the UCOSP program in Canada wrote a paper about what they've learned. Some of the lessons rhyme with what we've learned from Software Carpentry, but other insights are new. If you know of papers describing lessons learned from other innovative teaching projects, pointers in the comments section would be very welcome. more

September 2014 Lab Meeting Report

By Greg Wilson / 2014-09-26

After a two-month break for a sprint and some holidays, we held another monthly lab meeting this week. About 50 people showed up to talk about issues large and small; the key points are below. more

Feedback from Imperial College London

By Mike Jackson / 2014-09-24

On 16-17 September, EPCC's ARCHER headed down to Imperial College London to run a Software Carpentry bootcamp. My colleague Arno Proeme made his instructor debut, covering version control and Git and good programming practice, while I covered shell hints and tips, automation and Make, and testing. more

Learning Goals

By Warren Code / 2014-09-23

A few weeks ago, Greg Wilson asked me how to better express the learning objectives listed in the Software Carpentry lessons. My main concerns with the existing goals are that they focus too much on specific skills, rather than attitude changes, and is that they are generally stated as lesson descriptions (more like instructor goals or a lesson outline) rather than as learning goals for participants. more

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